Torticollis Treatment Equipment

torticollis treatment equipment

We hope you enjoyed our Torticollis Treatment Post discussing Exercises and Activities to effectively treat Torticollis.

This post will focus on Torticollis Treatment Equipment, highlighting equipment and toys that can be helpful in the treatment of Torticollis. This equipment is recommended in conjunction with appropriate therapeutic intervention by a qualified Pediatric professional.

Torticollis Treatment Equipment Ideas

Torticollis Equipment

1. Boppy Pillow

  • Can be used to encourage Tummy Time, positioning in supine to offload pressure on head or assisting with sidelying play.
  • Great nursing support to promote symmetric head rotation as well!
  • Can also be a great tool for supported sitting practice when child is ready.
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torticollis treatment equipment

2. Boppy Tummy Time Pillow 

  • Functions like a bolster to promote child’s active head/neck control while targeting upper body strengthening.
  • Great for Tummy Time and propping during Sidelying play!

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Torticollis Treatment Equipment

3. Incline Ramp 

  • Encourages active play during Tummy Time.
  • Utilize the incline to facilitate neck and upper body strength while allowing hands free to manipulate toys.


4. Therapy Ball

  • One of the most helpful pieces of Torticollis Treatment Equipment!
  • Can be used to facilitate Tummy Time, weight shifting, righting reactions, postural control, address head/neck strength and range of motion!

torticollis treatment       torticollis treatment

5. Dyna-Disc and Incline Wedge

  • To challenge trunk strength/stability in supported sitting and shoulder strength/stability in prone propping.
  • Great for weight shifting, balance reactions and encouraging active range of motion!

torticollis treatment equipment

6. Activity Gym

  • Encourages Tummy Time, promotes head/neck strength, offloads pressure on head and encourages active range of motion!
Torticollis Treatment Equipment

7. Baby Mirror 

  • Great motivator for Tummy Time and Sidelying play!

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Torticollis Treatment Equipment8. Colorful Links

  • Promotes visual tracking, active range of motion, and hand-eye coordination.  

torticollis treatment equipment 9. O-Ball Rattle

  • Encourage grasping and visual tracking as we address range of motion and head/neck strength!  

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torticollis treatment

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