Best Tummy Time Toys!

No need to dread Tummy Time any longer! Here are our favorite toys that will not only make prone playtime more tolerable, but an enjoyable experience for all!

Tummy Time Matstummy time mat1. Bright Starts Tummy Time Mat: great option to encourage tummy time, the curved bolster offers support under the child’s arms and the mirror encourages upward gaze! 

2. Boppy Tummy Time Pillow: love this “mini Boppy”! Toys can easily attach to keep child engaged, provides support to allow child to prop up on arms during tummy time!

3. Infantino Tummy Time Support: not only offers great tummy time positioning help, but offers alternate positioning options as child grows!

Tummy Time Mirrors

1. B. Toys Mirrorfun tummy time mirror, which promotes upper body weight bearing and weigh shifting.

tummy time mirror
2. Sassy Floor Mirror: great visual stimulation, also with tactile and auditory components to encourage child to reach out and engage.

3. Bright Starts Tummy Time Mirror: easily props to stand independently & folds flat for travel or storage.

Tummy Time Toys

1. Tummy Time Playboard and Art Cards: high contrast images that can be used on the floor or as easel to encourage upper body extension during tummy time. 

2. O-Ball Toys: great for grasping, bilateral coordination and tracking! 

3. Sassy Tactile Ring Set: help promote grasping and reaching! 

4. Inflatable Water Mat: doubles as motivating toy and sensory stimulation for prone play.

5. Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center: encourages both visual tracking and upper body engagement as child interacts with toy!

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tummy time tips

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