Toys to Encourage Independent Standing

Toys to Encourage Independent Standing

The Best Toys to Encourage Independent Standing take the focus off of the child’s position and onto the task or tasks at hand. They will ideally encourage weight bearing, weight shifting and functional play. By engaging the child’s upper body, we prevent trunk lean and allow the trunk musculature to remain activated promoting not only strength but stability in standing.

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Our Favorite Standing Toys Include:standing toys

1. Standing Art Easel promotes vertical posture, weight bearing and engages upper body in fun and creative way! You can add some fun accessories too!

standing toys

2. Activity Table offers different play options to promote upright position. The activity table allows child to engage with sensory play using water table, building with lego table, or any other tabletop activity! Learn more about Fun Activities with Play Table in our post here!

water table

3. Water Table is a great toy to encourage independent standing that also provides a wonderful sensory experience. Excellent tool to include other children of different abilities in a fun manner!

4. Suction Toys on vertical surface are helpful motivators to promote prolonged standing, reaching & manipulation!

train table5. Train Table encourages independent standing. In addition, it encourages role playing and problem solving. 

6. Standing Ball Drop Toy is a wonderful cause and effect toy that encourages prolonged weight bearing in standing, weight shifting and reaching.

7. Play Kitchen is a wonderful toy to encourage independent standing, cruising and eventually walking. Engaging the child’s imagination and role playing their way to sous chef status! Add in a shopping bag filled with healthy fruits and vegetables for more creative play opportunities.

tool bench

8. Tool Bench is a wonderful toy to encourage independent standing. As child manipulates tools we incorporate hand eye coordination while promoting dynamic standing balance. 

9. Basketball Hoop encourages squatting, reaching over head, throwing to target and retrieving object with bimanual hold. Toys to Encourage Independent Standing10.  Musical Instruments are wonderful toys to encourage independent standing without support. As the child engages their upper body and lower body to create music!

Toys to Encourage Independent Standing

**In fact this set of egg shakers was the first toy that motivated Abe to stand independently (photo proof above!). He is still the most musically inclined member of our family!

Remember to have fun and allow your child to be an active participant in their own development. Never force any developmental position or milestone, as each child develops according to their own unique timeline. The ideas and suggestions shared above are all meant to encourage play and share in experiences with your little one!

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