Shoe Recommendations for Children: Cold Weather Edition

Proper footwear is essential to supporting a child’s development. We believe an ideal cold weather shoe for children offers arch support, stable heel cup, shock absorption, breathability, water proofing & proper insulation. When making recommendations for proper shoes as Pediatric PTs we can thoroughly assess the individual child’s alignment and gait pattern. For more specific and tailored guidance feel free to reach out to us directly!

According to the APMA the proper footwear should pass the 1, 2, 3 test which includes:

1. Stiff Rigid Heel Cup – Press on both sides of heel counter. The shoe should not collapse.

2. Check Toe Flexibility – Push up on the sole of the shoe at the toe line. The shoe should not bend with child’s toes.

3. Assess Mid-Foot Structure – Try to twist shoe at the mid-foot line. The shoe should not twist in the middle.

Here are some Pediatric PT approved footwear options for colder days ahead!


Our top Mishansha picks include:

Mishansha Hook Loop & Mishansha Hiking


Our top KEEN picks include:

KEEN Chukka & KEEN Kootenay


Our top Merrell picks include:

Merrell Moab & Merrell Chameleon


Our top Stride Rite picks include:

Stride Rite Hickory & Stride Rite Juniper


Our top Billy picks include:

Billy Lugs & Billy Ice II

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