Our Favorite Early Riding Toys

As Pediatric Physical Therapists we want to ensure that children are able to remain active and engaged in all settings! Riding toys offer the perfect opportunity to explore the world around them, providing mobility with a range of fun options! Our favorite early riding toys engage trunk and lower body musculature, promote postural awareness & sustained grasp. Of course the ideal riding toy will adapt with the growing child. Here are some of our top picks!

Schwinn Roadster

The Schwinn Roadster is a tricycle with a lower center of gravity ideal for added stability. This also makes for climbing on and off during play both easy and safe. The seat is adjustable to move forward and backward, with five position options, ideal for growing children!

Scoot & Ride

The Scoot & Ride is a combination scooter that can be ridden with a seat or used as a traditional scooter. The Scoot & Ride is easily adjustable, allowing you to switch between sitting and standing positions. Seat height can also be adjusted.

Yvolution Velo

The Yvolution Velo can easily be transformed from push trike, to toddler trike to push bike & finally to balance bike. Seat and handlebars are adjustable to grow with the child. Larger wheels and higher ground clearance are designed for safer play and easier riding on uneven surfaces.

Baby Joy Wiggle Car

The Wiggle Car is a riding toy with a low base and double triangle structure, for greater stability and loading capacity. It offers a smooth ride with non-slip footplate, wide seat & easy to maneuver steering wheel. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor riding!

Joovy Tricycoo

The Joovy Tricycoo adapts to growing child, from push trike to training trike to independent tricycle. Offers adjustable 5 point harness, canopy, footplate and locking pedals. Don’t forget the built in perks of front cup holder & storage basket!

Doona Liki Trike

The Doona Liki Trike is the smallest portable folding trike that grows with the child. It allows for maximum functionality from a stroller, to push tricycle to a toddler tricycle that can be folded and unfolded at the click of a button!

Kaufman Reverse Trike

The Kaufman Reverse Trike offers two wheels in front and one in back for optional balance of stability & mobility. It can easily be converted to a balance bike by removing one front wheel & offers adjustable seat and handlebar height as well as lockable steering option.

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