Foam Roller Appreciation

The Foam Roller is one of our favorite pieces of equipment to address transitional movements from sit to quadruped & sit to stand. It can be used to promote weight bearing through hands and knees in preparation for crawling. The foam roller is also excellent to facilitate postural engagement in side sit or straddle sit at either tabletop or vertical surface! Try out the foam roller for active single leg balance work & as a dynamic prop for yoga and pilates based exercises.

Check out the Foam Roller in action!

Developmental Positions

Prone Positioning/Upper Body Weight Bearing

Quadruped Positioning/Weight Bearing through Hands/Forearms & Knees

Kneeling Positioning/Weight Bearing through Knees

Postural Engagement

Straddle Sit at Low Tabletop

Straddle Sit at Vertical Surface

Side Sit with Back Support

Transitional Movements

Sit to Quadruped

Sit to Stand at Low Tabletop Surface

Sit to Stand at Vertical Surface

Reciprocal Crawl Patterning

Facilitate Alternating Leg & Arm Movements

Single Leg Balance

Heel Toe Rolls & Kicks

Dynamic Prop

Dynamic Wall Chair & Shoulder Bridge

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