Five Fun Activities with…Dyna Discs!

Dyna Disc activities

This post will explore fun activities for children using Dyna Discs! The Dyna Disc is one of my favorite pieces of equipment that can be used with children from an early age targeting motor milestones such as Tummy Time and Independent Sitting. As child grows, the Dyna Disc can be adapted to target each child’s unique needs.

The Dyna Disc can be used to target trunk strength, postural control, lower extremity & upper extremity strength, as well as challenge dynamic balance in a variety of positions! 

Enjoy our Five Fun Activities with…Dyna Discs!

1. Postural Work

dyna disc sit

The dyna disc can be used to address postural control & awareness for child in sitting. Pictured above, without the dyna disc the child exhibits poor posture with head/neck forward, rounding of shoulders, and poor engagement of trunk musculature. With the dyna disc placed under child, pelvic tilts anteriorly, trunk musculature activates, shoulders pull back & head/neck are in optimal alignment. This allows the child to attend to activities at table top for longer duration with improved motor control. 

2. Squat to Stand

Dyna Disc activities

Using the dyna disc as a dynamic balance challenge, targeting intrinsic arch musculature of feet, lower extremity and trunk musculature. Seen here we use fruit & vegetable color sorting to motivate and engage the child while promoting squat to stand!

3. Dyna Disc Ball Toss

dyna disc ball toss

We use the dyna disc while tossing ball back and forth to promote hand eye coordination while child maintains balance on dyna disc. Great for active range of motion of lower extremity muscles offering gentle tactile input to promote symmetric weight bearing on plantar surface of foot.

4. Tall Kneel Challenge

tall kneel exercise

Tall kneel on the dyna disc is an excellent trunk strength & stability activity, engaging abdominal & back musculature to promote postural control. We use the ring toss activity to encourage crossing midline with upper extremities.

5. Dyna Disc Plank

dyna disc plank

Excellent activity to target shoulder strength & stability as well as trunk strength and body awareness. The dyna disc provides important tactile and proprioceptive input through upper extremity as well.

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incline ramps

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