Five Fun Activities with…Balance Beams!

balance beamsThis post will explore fun activities for children using Balance Beams! One of my favorite pieces of equipment is the Curve-A-Beam Set! Allowing for lots of wonderful opportunities to address motor planning, body awareness, strength, coordination and of course balance! This set is made of a dense foam which allows nice amount of both tactile and proprioceptive feedback for children, promoting development of intrinsic arch muscles as the child navigates along. Easy for children, teachers, therapists and caregivers to construct different configurations for new challenges! Also one of the top picks in our Pediatric PT Toolbox!

Enjoy our Five Fun Activities with…Balance Beams

1. Curvy Beam

balance beams

I love the fact that these beams can be constructed in different configurations! The curvy beam requires the child to pay attention to their body in space, as they maintain balance while navigating the gentle twists and turns!

2. Beam Walks

balance beam walk2balance beams

Using each beam segment as an individual platform, encourage child to step from beam to beam using alternating feet for greater challenge! Can also practice step up and step downs using the beams. 

3. Beam Jumps

balance beams

Using color spots to encourage visual awareness have child use balance beam platforms as “hurdles” stepping over and eventually jumping over! Can encourage changes in direction for more of a challenge!

4. Circle Beam

balance beams

By configuring the balance beams in a circle, you can increase balance and motor planning challenge. Encourage side stepping, forward walking and backward navigation!

balance beams

Place objects around circle so that the child has to squat down to pick up as they walk along! Encourage the child to maintain balance on beam while squatting for great lower extremity strength and dynamic balance challenge!

balance beams

We also use the circle beam for great imaginative play opportunities with Abe’s jungle animals.

balance beams abe throw2

The circle beam is also a great target for bean bag toss! Use a color spot as a starting position and increase distance as child gains mastery of skill! He shoots he scores!

5. Color Matchingbalance beams

Using color cones, colorful animal bean bags or any other color specific objects, encourage child to match the bright colors of the balance beam to corresponding objects! Great for incorporating color recognition and promoting language development.

Active Participation

build the beam 2 balance beams balance beams

Encourage child to take an active role in the construction and break down of each of these activities. This is a great opportunity to integrate fine motor skills! The beams use durable plastic connectors and are designed to allow small hands to manipulate.

We hope you enjoyed our Five Fun Activities with Balance Beams! For more great activity ideas, check out Five Fun Activities with Colored Spots!

activities with colored spots

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