DinoPT Activity of the Week #2

soccer bowling

We had such a great response to our initial installment of DinoPT Activity of the Week: Suction Ball! Thank you all!

For this week, we introduce one of our favorite activities, Soccer Bowling! Combining fine motor and gross motor work, this activity can be easily modified for children of all ages!

Soccer Bowling

What you need:

Soccer Bowling: DinoPT Activity of the Week #2
The set up!

Activity Breakdown:

  1. Ask child to build a few block towers to serve as bowling pins.
  2. After they have created three or four towers, place colored spot on floor a few feet away to designate the starting position. 
  3. Place ball next to colored spot and ask child to kick the ball to knock down the “bowling pins”.  
  4. You can add on to challenge by increasing distance from pins, have child stand on dyna-disc or pillow for balance challenge, or decrease size of ball to challenge coordination and precision of kicking.
Soccer Bowling: DinoPT Activity of the Week #2
Building the “bowling pins” is half the fun!
DinoPT Activity of the Week #2
Abe prepares for the big kick!
Soccer Bowling: DinoPT Activity of the Week #2
Soccer Bowling: DinoPT Activity of the Week #2
Did I mention that Soccer Bowling is fun for the whole family? Even the four legged members!

Therapy Goals:

  • Improve Coordination
  • Challenge Fine Motor Skills
  • Challenge Gross Motor Skills
  • Address Balance
  • Encourage Attention/Focus

Increase Challenge by:

  • Having child balance with one foot on air cushion or pillow, while other foot kicks pins down.
  • Having child kick ball up ramp towards pins.
  • Using smaller size ball which requires more coordination and precision.
  • Rolling ball towards child for practice kicking a moving target!

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suction ball

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